Scénáře a dramaturgie / Screenplays and dramaturgy



ČTYŘSPŘEŽÍ   (Four-in/hand)  
Video-clip for song of the Ořešák band. 2014/2015

BALADA PRO BODHRÁN (The Ballad for a bodhran)
Amateur full-lenght movie. 2010 / 2011

Document - Producer: Czech Television, 1992 - Director: Jan Bobek - Running Time: 20 minutes

Inscenation - Producer: Film Faculty in Prague (FAMU), 1993 - Director: Janez "Miki" Burger - Cast: Ondrej Vetchy, Mahulena Bocanova, Vaclav Dusek, Marcela Penazova - Running Time: 15 minutes. Windows Media Player stream
Parody movie about young sceenplaywriter who found himself in the middle of secret agents game.

BRATR JAN VEJNAR (Brother Jan Vejnar) 
Document - Producer: Czech Television, 1994 - Director: Jan Bobek - Running Time: 25 minutes

OBJEKTIV: EXPEDICE MONOXYLON (Lens: Expedition Monoxylon) 
Document - Producer: Czech Television, 1995 - Director: Zdenek Zvonek - Running Time: 10 minutes

ORTEL (Verdict)
Independent short movie. Year of release: 2000. Producer and director: Jaroslav "Jařek" Kasal - Cast: Jaroslav "Jařek" Kasal, Pavel Žďárek, Irena Cihlářová, Vojtěch Nekvasil, Richard Kotil - Running Time: appr. 30 minutes.
3D movie about two demons - good and bad ones - in people world.

Oficial movie pages


NEROZDELENI? (Not Divorced?) 
Documetary film by writer and director Zdenek Zvonek about people living in village which is both in Czech and in Slovak Republic, too. Kratky film, a. s. 1993.

SAMOTA (The Loneliness) 
Movie by writer and director Yanez Burger about couple living in the deep forest and about visit of their friend. FAMU 1993.

LÁSKA? (Love?) 
Documentary movie about young people's present view of love. Directed by Martin Benc. Rosa 1998.

Unreleased Screenplays

EVANGELIUM PODLE TELEVIZE (Evangel According Television) 
Story about Jesus Christ, who was founded and destroyed by force of television and its audience. Finished 1992, FAMU.

ZÁSTUP (The Crowd) 
Adaptation of Ray Bradbury's story into present Prague. Finished 1993, FAMU - Czech Televison.

TAJEMSTVI PROFESORA KALVERA (The Secret of professor Kalver) 
Adaptation of Laszlo Neméth's story about professor collecting heads of people to join their mind. Finished 1993, FAMU.

ZAHADA ZAMCENEHO POKOJE (Mystery of Locked Room) 
Adaptation of Maj Sjowall and Per Wahlloo's novel about inspector Beck, the mystery of locked room and looking for new relations. Finished 1993, FAMU.

KOLEJE (The Rails) 
Story about head and priest of forgotten village who don't want coming of modern time. Finished 1993, FAMU.

BRATRI (Brothers) 
Drama about two bothers in present Moravian village. Finished 1993, FAMU.

SEBEVRAH (Self-Murderer) 
Ironic story about self-murderer and postman who wants to be audinece at live self-murder. Finished 1994, Czech Television.

CARODEJKA (The Witch) 
Story about young man who forgets to love nature, flowers, birds or songs. Neither the witch can help him. Finished 1995.

Screenplay to competition The Pipe of Sherlock Holmes arranged by Czech Television. Story about young man on business in Prague who solved murder of famous Czech writer. Finished November 1999.

Story about two sisters which don't know about each other. Strange things cause they met themselves and track the father's treasure - the picture from times when the family was complete.


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